Growth Strategy with a Safety Net™
The Growth Strategy with a Safety Net TM is a trademarked investment strategy used by The Welch Group, LLC since 2003. The Growth Strategy with a Safety Net uses a unique mix of equities and fixed income. The goal is to allow retirees and pre-retirees to maximize growth in the portfolio while also securing income for short to intermediate needs in a tax efficient manner. The fixed income portion shelters short to intermediate cash flow needs from market fluctuation, while the equities allow the portfolio to generate the growth needed to fund more distant future needs. The equities are invested under two different strategies our Core Strategy and our Tactical Strategy. Our investment committee continually reviews and monitors the assets under these strategies to ensure they meet our meticulous standards. We can further tailor these strategies to reflect your specific objectives and constraints.

Core Strategy
Our Core Strategy focuses on companies that meet our rigorous screens and filters. We look for companies with strong balance sheets, consistent earnings with positive cash flow and a historical trend of increasing dividend payments. We have a buy and hold mentality with each of the companies in our Core Strategy. Having a buy and hold mentality allows the portfolio to become very tax efficient. We are not as concerned with short term fluctuations in price, but more concerned with changes in fundamentals within each company we hold.

Tactical Strategy
Our tactical strategy attempts to find “sweet spots” in the market. This strategy attempts to time the market using technical indicators. These positions are added to a portfolio to generate additional returns, but are monitored on a constant basis to determine if they are adding value to the clients overall portfolio. During a market downturn the Tactical Strategy allows us to take a portion of your portfolio to the side and “wait out the storm”.

Individually Designed Portfolios
We construct your portfolio unique to your individual needs. Your tolerance of loss, as well as your need for return, is considered in our managing of your portfolio. Ongoing management of your portfolio takes into account your specific cash flow needs and unique tax issues. These strategies are often used in combination to meet each client’s distinctive needs. We have developed these strategies and they are continuously reviewed and monitored by our investment committee. We can further tailor these strategies to reflect your specific objectives and constraints.

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